The Java CUP Maven plugin is used to generate Java-based parsers from CUP parser specifications.

The plugin provides a Maven interface to Java CUP parser generator and supports all its configuration options. Uses CUP 0.11a generator (with CZT updates).

Goals overview

The CUP plugin only has one goal:

  • cup:generate attempts to generate parser source files from the provided CUP specification files.


Refer to goal description for the list of all configuration options for CUP plugin.


The plugin is an interface to Java CUP parser generator, so refer to CUP manual for details on writing CUP specifications and using the parser generator.

The CUP plugin uses a modified version of the last CUP release. The official CUP library is no longer in active development, however several minor updates have been added by the Community Z Tools project. The current version used is 0.11-a-czt01.

CUP runtime dependency

The CUP-generated parsers require CUP runtime dependency for compilation and runtime. To avoid having full CUP parser generator as a dependency, the runtime is provided as a separate lightweight library.

Include the matching CUP runtime dependency where parser is generated:


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Version: 1.6-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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