This document is targeted at developers wanting to contribute to the Community Z Tools project.

General remarks

Make yourself familiar with the project by following the announcements and discussions on czt-devel mailing list.

When you want to contribute code, it is best to start from the sources in CZT Git repository. See the setup instructions how to setup CZT development on your computer. If you are not yet a member of the CZT project, you may contribute patches via the CZT page on SourceForge. If you are already a member, you should have write access to (parts of) Git repository.

Committing to Git repository

  • Make yourself familiar with Git, for instance by reading the Git book.

  • Before committing, make sure that your changes do not break compilation and unit tests to avoid disrupting the work of other developers. Build all CZT repository using buildall script to make sure nothing breaks.

  • Commit and push often to help other developers keep their code in sync with your code.

CZT project layout

The CZT project consists of several sub-projects, each living in its own subdirectory. The file and directory structure within each project directory should follow the standard Maven directory layout.

Java style guidelines

In order to make it easier for other developers to read your Java source code, please follow the Java Programming Style Guidelines from Geotechnical Software Services.

Automatic checking of these guidelines is supported via Checkstyle tool. Refer to CZT Checkstyle settings for more information.

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