This project contains runtime classes of CUP parser generator for Java.

The source code is split off the main CUP library to allow lighter deployment of generated parsers: they only need to depend on the runtime.

The original code was forked from the CUP TUM repository, corresponding to the released CUP version 0.11a. Additional fixes are included (revision 20 of CUP SVN repository).

Community Z Tools updates (version 0.11-a-czt01)

The official Java CUP parser generator is no longer in active development. This fork features updates added by the Community Z Tools project:

  • Updated to use Java Generics and avoid other warnings.


CUP runtime is required by parsers generated using standalone CUP library or CUP Maven plugin.


CUP is released under CUP License (MIT-like license). See the included LICENSE file.

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Version: 0.11-a-czt01-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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