Create a new CZT project to contain Z specifications by selecting File > New > Project > CZT > CZT Project in the menu.

New CZT project wizard

  1. Enter the name of the new project (how it will be displayed within Eclipse workspace).
  2. If you do not want to use the default location, specify one.

    Note: you can create CZT project on you existing directories: just specify an existing directory in the Location field. The name does not have to match the directory.

If the Z perspective is not active at the moment, the wizard will ask you whether you want to open the Z perspective. It is highly recommended that you open it because it will automatically open a set of Eclipse views useful for the Z development. Then the new project will be created and selected in the workbench window.

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Version: 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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