The CZT > Compiler preference page allows configuring the various properties of the section manager for parsing and typechecking of Z specifications.

Compiler Preference Page


Use the Dialect field to select the Z dialect to use within CZT Eclipse. This dialect will be used for all open files.

Note: reload all open editors after changing the dialect to trigger parsing with the new dialect.

Other properties

The following properties can be set in this page:

Default: Off
When set to true, the parser tools will ignore unknown LaTeX commands (that is, give a warning and use the name of the command) instead of reporting an error. Reporting an error is Standard conforming but ignoring those unknown commands is sometimes convenient.
Default: Off
When this property is true, the typechecker will check that names are declared before they are used.
Default: Off
Note: This property will affect Object-Z only. When this property is true, the typechecker will check the specification using strong typing.

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