CZT 2.0 preview!

This website represents a preview of the upcoming CZT 2.0 release - the information available here may refer to tools that are part of the upcoming release. Download the nightly releases to get the latest and greatest version of Community Z Tools.

The Community Z Tools (CZT) project is building a set of tools for editing, typechecking and animating formal specifications written in the Z specification language, with some support for Z extensions such as Object-Z, Circus, etc. These tools are all built using the CZT Java framework for Z tools.

Beta-versions of the end-user CZT tools are now included in the CZT releases (download). These include an Eclipse-based Community Z Tools IDE as well as plug-ins for the jEdit editor. Refer to each sub-project and the manual for more information.

CZT objectives

Our objectives are to encourage interchange between existing Z tools (via a standard XML interchange format for Z), and to provide open-source libraries for building and integrating new Z tools. The software we are building includes:

  • An XML Schema markup for Z.

  • Java classes for Z annotated syntax trees (AST).

  • Java classes for converting between XML and Java AST.

  • Java libraries for the common operations needed in every Z tool (markup-converters, parser, type-checker, etc). A paper describing these has been presented at ZB2005.

  • Graphical Z editors, with facilities for easily entering the special Z unicode symbols. Currently we provide plug-ins for Eclipse IDE and jEdit editor.

  • A Z animation tool called ZLive, with a customisable graphical user interface.

  • Export tools, to output Z in other notations or for other Z tools.

  • Extended versions of the libraries and tools to support Z extensions such as Object-Z, Circus and others.

  • And more - check out all CZT subprojects!

CZT projects

Community Z Tools consists of a number of interconnected projects. Each sub-project is placed in its own website - use the Modules menu in the top-right to browse the CZT projects.

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