CZT plugins for jEdit

The aim of this project is to provide WYSIWYG editing of Z specifications in Unicode markup using the jEdit editor.

Currently CZT provides the following plugins:

  • ZSideKick - parsing and typechecking Z specifications, display document structure and errors
  • ZCharMap - a palette of Z characters and elements for easy input in LaTeX and Unicode markups.
  • ZLive - integrates ZLive animator in jEdit console.
  • Z/EVES - integrates Z/EVES theorem prover in jEdit console.

Refer to each plugin information for more details.

NOTE: The jEdit subproject is experimental, and highly subject to change!


The CZT plugins and extensions should be working using jEdit 5.


In the following, it is assumed that jEdit has already been installed and JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR is the jEdit settings directory (this might be the global settings directory as well as the user-specific settings directory). The location of this directory is system-specific. On a Linux machine, for example, the user specific settings directory is usually ~/.jedit. See jEdit User’s Guide for more information on jEdits’s settings directory.

Installing the jEdit plugins

If you are working with a source distribution, follow the CZT setup instructions to compile and install CZT. This creates jar files in CZT_HOME/lib, including the plugin jar files mentioned below.

To install a jEdit plugin, first make sure to uninstall previous versions.

  • To install the ZCharMap plugin you need to:

    1. Copy ZCharMap.jar to JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/jars
  • To install the ZSideKick plugin you need to:

    1. Install the SideKick and ErrorList plugin using jEdit’s Plugin manager.
    2. Copy ZSideKick.jar to JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/jars.
    3. Copy czt.jar to JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/jars.
    4. Update the catalog file in JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/modes (see the paragraph about installing the Z modes below).
  • To install the ZLive plugin you need to:

    1. Install the Console plugin using jEdit’s Plugin manager.
    2. Install the ZSideKick plugin as described above.
    3. Copy ZLivePlugin.jar to JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/jars
  • The installation for Z/EVES plugin is identical to ZLive plugin.

Please restart jEdit to load the new plugins.

Installing the Z modes

The files in modes directory (e.g. zed.xml) contain the beginnings of a jEdit syntax-colouring mode for Z in Unicode mark-up that highlights Z paragraphs and Z keywords. To install it, you need to:

  1. Copy zed.xml to JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/modes.
  2. Update the catalog file in JEDIT_SETTINGS_DIR/modes as given by the example catalog file located in this directory

Please also see Chapter 10 of the jEdit User’s Guide for complete instructions on installing edit modes.

What next?

Documentation for each of the plugins can be found in jEdit’s Help system. The plugins are accessible via jEdit’s menu Plugins/plugin-name. Is is also possible to dock each plugin. To do this, edit Global Options/Docking and see the jEdit documentation for more information.

Notes and warnings

Depending upon which font you use (to change the font, see Utilities/Global Options/jEdit/Text Area/Text Font), you may see some Z characters as empty boxes, because most fonts do not support all Unicode characters. You should install the CZT font to get the best results.

jEdit cannot distinguish UTF8 files from plain-ASCII files (they can be identical), so when you load an UTF8 file, you must right-click on the filename in the Open browser, then set the Encoding to UTF8 before opening it.

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