The CZT LaTeX has been developed to ensure correct support of LaTeX symbols no Standard Z and all its extensions. Download the following style files and install them to your system to display LaTeX specifications in Community Z Tools and IDEs.

The CZT Z style is the greatest common denominator of previous known Z style files (e.g. oz.sty, fuzz.sty, zed.sty, zeves.sty, cadiz.sty, zed-csp.sty etc). These original Z styles had various design decisions, many of which are conflicting, yet necessary to have for Standard Z. For instance, fuzz.sty was the first and contains important macros yet is not compatible with ISO-Z Standard, and it was for older versions of LaTeX. zed.sty and zed-csp.sty were an Oxford version that improved on fuzz.sty by adding modern and Lucida fonts, yet lacked ISO-Z standard features. oz.sty added more support for Unicode symbol correspondence with the use of AMS fonts and it was for newer versions of LaTeX and closer to ISO-Z. zeves.sty added support for theorem environments. Unfortunately, all these styles had some form of incompatibility and needed sorting out. That’s what czt.sty is the result of.

Installing CZT LaTeX

Refer to the documentation of your operating system on installing LaTeX packages. This usually means adding them to a directory (i.e. /usr/local/tex/localtextmf/latex/) where your LaTeX distribution is installed.

CZT Reference cards

For Z, we have a cheat-sheet available

TODO: one for Circus!

CZT LaTeX guides

After installing the style files, we can use the LaTeX to compile your specifications. To learn how to typeset using Z-LaTeX or Circus-LaTeX, say, please refer to the guides available.

You can also inspect how the files themselves were typeset. This can be useful to know more details about the style file itself.

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