Long Small Arg Type Description
--dialect -D 1 Dialect Specify dialect to be used
--output-file -O 1 URL Specify output file
--syntax-check -S 0 Boolean Syntax-check (parsing)
--czt-path -CP 1 List<URL:> Specification lookup path list


--dialect z


  • Arguments are mandatory when present.

  • Boolean parameters are false when not explicitly mentioned.

  • List arguments are separated by semi-colon (:) and cannot be empty.

  • Default czt-path is the current directory or anything given in a ./czt.properties file

  • Dialects available are:

Dialect Description
z Standard Z
oz Object Z
circus Circus
circustime Circus Time
zeves ZEves extension to Z
zpatt Z with transformation rules
ozpatt Object Z with transformation rules
circuspatt Circus with transformation rules
  • Markup of files is determined by their file extension. A LaTeX file ends in .tex, and an Unicode file ends in .utf8 or .utf16. This will determine what tool to use for processing the input file or returning the results. File ending bindings are:
Extention Markup
tex, zed LaTeX
xml, zml ZML
zev ZEves
*8 Unicode (UTF-8)
*16 Unicode (UTF-16)
  • Some flags have been phased out. They were -p (for zpatt dialect), -dc (for domain checking VCs), and -id for if an output in LaTeX or Unicode mark-up is specified, the type checker prints the ids for names as part of the name. The output will not type check any more.


--dialect z --output-file ./my-output.tex --czt-path ./tests:/user/local/pkg/myfiles my-input.utf8

Type checks my-input.utf8 using Unicode parser for Z and looking for parent section in the given path list. If successful, the result is transformed to LaTeX markup and output as my-output.tex file.

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