This project provides a translator from Z specifications to B abstract machines.

The B notation was designed by J.R. Abrial, who was also one of the designers of Z notation. Their mathematical toolkits are very similar, but B has more support for modularity and refinement (including an executable sublanguage). The standard reference for B method is “The B-Book: Assigning Programs to Meanings”, by J-R. Abrial, Cambridge University Press, 1996, ISBN 0 521 49619 5.

This translator converts a Z specification (which currently must contain just one section) into the ASCII (*.mch) syntax used by the B tools (Atelier B and the B toolkit). The goal of the translator is to give Z users access to the refinement and proof tools of B, and also to give Z users access to the animation and test generation tools of the BZ-TT (BZ Testing Tools) environment.

BZ-TT (BZ Testing Tools) is a suite of tools for animating and generating tests from formal specifications, such as B (and now Z), Statecharts, and soon UML+OCL and JML. See the Leirios websites for more details and publications.

Known issues and improvements

Below is a list of known issues and things to do for the Z to B translation.

  • Check that numbers are in the range allowed by B (0..2^32-1)
  • Convert all set names to all upper case.
  • Optimize the operations so that unmodified state vars are not assigned.
  • Improve the separation of precondition from postcondition (currently the precondition is just all the conjuncts with no ' or ! decorations).
  • Integrate the parser, so that it handles more than just .xml input.
  • implement more kinds of expressions.
  • Trap unimplemented expressions so that warnings/errors are given.

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Version: 1.6-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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