Release History

Version Date Description
2.0.0 (CZT) unreleased  
2.1.5 (standalone) February 2009  
2.1.0 (standalone) July 2007  
2.0.0 (standalone) July 6, 2006  
1.4.1 (standalone) September 2, 2005  
1.4.0 (standalone) March 17, 2005  
1.3.0 (standalone) September 22, 2004  
1.2.0 (standalone) April 8, 2004  

Release 2.0.0 (CZT) – unreleased

Type Changes By
CZT 2.0.0 release separates Corejava into dialect-specific libraries, i.e. corejava-z, corejava-oz, corejava-circus, etc. Because of this, corejava module is just a parent of these projects and does not contain AST classes itself. Use the appropriate dialect-specific libraries as your dependencies. As a result of this project restructure, Corejava (and its dialect projects) version is aligned to that of the whole CZT project (2.0.0 as of this release). andriusvelykis

Release 2.1.5 (standalone) – February 2009

Type Changes By
Improve the concrete syntax symbol visitor that returns the concrete syntax symbol associated to a given term. Petra

Release 2.1.0 (standalone) – July 2007

Type Changes By
Remove interfaces and classes DeclName, ZDeclName, RefName, ZRefName, DeclNameList, ZDeclNameList, RefNameList, and ZRefNameList and add new interfaces and classes Name, ZName, NameList, and ZNameList instead. The distinction between DeclName and RefName does not seem to be relevant and makes handling of IDs more difficult. Name is now used in places where either a DeclName or a RefName has been used; NameList is used in places where either a DeclNameList or a RefNameList has been used. Petra
Remove setter and getter for Author, Modified, and Source from interface Spec and class SpecImpl. Annotations can be used to preserve this sort of information. Petra
Update classes in packages oz, circus, and zpatt according to the changes in the corresponding XML Schema files (too many changes to explicitly list them here). Leo,Tim,Petra
Generalize PrintVisitor so it has a flag to control whether it produces Unicode strings or ASCII strings. MarkU
Drop support for TCOZ. It isn't used or worked on. Petra
Drop support for on-demand validation since JAXB2 in Java 1.6 doesn't support that. Petra

Release 2.0.0 (standalone) – July 6, 2006

Type Changes By
Remove interface net.sourceforge.czt.base.ast.TermA and class net.sourceforge.czt.base.impl.TermAImpl and make net.sourceforge.czt.base.ast.Term contain annotations instead. Petra
Update classes in packages z according to the changes in ZML. New interfaces and classes: net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Ann, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.BranchList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.DeclList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.DeclNameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ExprList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.FreetypeList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Numeral, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ParaList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.RefNameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.RenameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.StrokeList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZBranchList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZDeclList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZDeclName, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZDeclNameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZExprList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZFreetypeList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZNumeral, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZParaList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZRefName, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZRefNameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZRenameList, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZSchText, and net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.ZStrokeList. Removed interfaces and classes: net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Name and net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.NameExprPair. Renamed interfaces and classes: net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.NameNamePair to net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.NewOldPair, and net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Number to net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Digit. Added new getter and setter for Start and Length to LocAnn. Added new getter and setter for Explicit to RefExpr. Petra
Use BigInteger instead of Integer for Prec in OptempPara, in ZNumeral, and for Line and Col in LocAnn. Petra
Change the return type of method Term.getAnns() to List. Petra
Update classes in packages oz, tcoz, circus, and zpatt according to the changes in the corresponding XML Schema files (too many changes to explicitly list them here). Tim,Leo,Petra
Provide support for selecting terms in an AST based on the location annotations of the terms and a given position, which is usually the position of a pointing device like a caret. See net.sourceforge.czt.z.util.TermSelector for more information. Petra
Provide support for obtaining concrete syntax information of a given AST node. This can be used to give a description of a selected term to a user, or as entries in the tree of a structure browsers. See for more information. Petra

Release 1.4.1 (standalone) – September 2, 2005

Type Changes By
Change the AST to use generic lists. Remove now unused class net.sourceforge.czt.util.TypesafeList. Petra
Change the AST visitors to use a generic return type. Petra
Change AST enum classes from typesafe enumerations to Java 1.5 enums. Petra
Update classes in packages oz, tcoz, and zpatt according to the changes in the corresponding XML Schema files. Petra

Release 1.4.0 (standalone) – March 17, 2005

Type Changes By
Add AST classes and interfaces for Circus, another extension of Z. Petra
Add support for unicode supplementary characters as it is used by finset and arithmos. Petra
Add new AST classes and interfaces for SignatureAnn. Petra
Update classes in packages oz, tcoz, and zpatt according to the changes in the corresponding XML Schema files. Petra
Change interface net.sourceforge.czt.z.util.ZChar to be a typesafe enum class containing an enumeration of commonly used Z characters and a couple of useful methods. Petra
Remove method net.sourceforge.czt.util.CztLogger.getLogger(Object) and provide a new method net.sourceforge.czt.util.CztLogger.getLogger(Class) instead. The new method returns a more useful Logger. Petra
Fix a classpath problem that occurs when jaxb is used within the jedit plugin. petra
When printing to XML, ignore annotations that cannot be converted to Jaxb classes and print a warning instead of throwing an exception. petra
Fix the net.sourceforge.czt.util.ParseException.toString() method so that it conforms to Java API spec (of Throwable). petra
Remove support for reading and writing XML using DOM since it was never really working and Jaxb works quite well. petra

Release 1.3.0 (standalone) – September 22, 2004

Type Changes By
Add new abstract Standard Z AST classes/interfaces Type2 and GenericType to reflect the grammar for types given in the ISO Standard for Z. petra
Add new factory classes net.sourceforge.czt.*.util.Factory that provides convenience methods for creating AST terms. petra
Add new class net.sourceforge.czt.z.util.OperatorName that provides convenience methods for handling operator names. petra
Add new TCOZ AST classes/interfaces net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.ast.InChoiceProExpr, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.impl.InChoiceProExprImpl, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.visitor.InChoiceProExprVisitor, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.ast.DistInChoiceProExpr, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.impl.DistInChoiceProExprImpl, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.visitor.DistInChoiceProExprVisitor, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.ast.DistInterleaveProExpr, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.impl.DistInterleaveProExprImpl, and net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.visitor.DistInterleaveProExprVisitor thanks to Chunqing. petra
Add new abstract Object Z AST classes/interfaces net.sourceforge.czt.oz.ast.DistOpExpr, net.sourceforge.czt.oz.impl.DistOpExprImpl, and net.sourceforge.czt.oz.visitor.DistOpExprVisitor. This is the abstract base class/interface for all DistOpExpr. petra
Add new abstract Object Z AST classes/interfaces net.sourceforge.czt.oz.ast.OperationExpr2, net.sourceforge.czt.oz.impl.OperationExpr2Impl, and net.sourceforge.czt.oz.visitor.OperationExpr2Visitor. This is the abstract base class/interface for binary operation expressions. petra
Add new (TCOZ) classes net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.jaxb.JaxbContext, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.jaxb.JaxbValidator, net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.jaxb.JaxbReader, and net.sourceforge.czt.tcoz.jaxb.JaxbWriter to enable reading, writing, and validating TCOZ ASTs. petra
Add new AST interface net.sourceforge.czt.base.ast.ListTerm, its corresponding default implementation net.sourceforge.czt.base.impl.ListTermImpl, and visitor net.sourceforge.czt.base.visitor.ListTermVisitor. petra
Add classes net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.LatexMarkupPara, net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.Directive, and net.sourceforge.czt.z.ast.DirectiveType, which are used to represent the latex markup table. petra
Add exception classes net.sourceforge.czt.base.util.MarshalException and net.sourceforge.czt.base.util.UnmarshalException, which can be thrown when an error occurs during a marshal or unmarshal operation. petra
In class net.sourceforge.czt.base.util.XmlWriter, add getter and setter methods for reading and manipulating the encoding used for writing XML. Petra
Update JAXB generated classes to support ZML version 1.3. Petra
Rename interfaces and classes of Standard Z term GenType to GenParamType to avoid confusion with GenericType. Petra
Use instances of the newly introduced ListTerm (see entry above) instead of List everywhere in the AST. This makes it easier to write visitors since Term and List must not be distinguished any more. Note that this change may break existing visitors (see also the proposal for this API change: petra
XmlWriter and XmlReader now throw (Un)MarshalException in case that an error occured. Petra
Fix the main method of the ParseUtils classes. XML is now written as UTF-8 instead of using the locale encoding. Petra
Fix the build file so that the API documentation is build even if target compile is not called first. Petra

Release 1.2.0 (standalone) – April 8, 2004

Type Changes By
Add interfaces net.sourceforge.czt.z.util.ZChar and net.sourceforge.czt.z.util.ZString containing Z related unicode characters and strings. Petra
Add interfaces net.sourceforge.czt.oz.util.OzChar and net.sourceforge.czt.oz.util.OzString containing OZ related unicode characters and strings. Tim
Add support for Timed Communicating Object Z (TCOZ) based on the Schema provided by Li Yuan Fang. Petra
Some changes in subpackages of net.sourceforge.czt.z due to changes in zml/Z.xsd. Fixes . Petra

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