Release History

Version Date Description
1.1 unreleased  
1.0 July 2007  
0.5 July 6, 2006  
0.4 September 2, 2005  
0.3 March 17, 2005  
0.2 September 22, 2004  
0.1 April 8, 2004  

Release 1.1 – unreleased

Type Changes By
Support for conjecture names in Unicode markup and in AST. MarkU
A simple pretty printer for Unicode. Petra
Fix the printers to handle number strokes in decoration expressions correctly. Petra
Improve error and warning messages.

Release 1.0 – July 2007

Type Changes By
Update to ZML 2.1 and the corresponding changes in the AST. Petra
Use the new Unicode characters defined by the Technical Corrigendum 13568/001 of the Z Standard. Petra
Support the theorem environment introduced by the Technical Corrigendum 13568/003 of the Z Standard. Petra
Update the lexis of punctation characters according to the Technical Corrigendum 13568/006 of the Z Standard. Petra
Lots of improvements in the way errors and warnings are handled.
Move the different sort of parsers (Z Pattern, Object Z, Circus, etc) into their own subprojects. Petra

Release 0.5 – July 6, 2006

Type Changes By
Update to ZML 2.0. Petra
Improve support for parsing and printing Z pattern, Object Z, and TCOZ. Tim,Petra
Improve location annotion information of the AST classes created by the parser. Now, start character number and length information is, in addition to line and column numbers, also recorded. Petra
Improve error reporting. Petra
Use BigInteger for Z numerals. Petra
Corrected the Object-Z grammar so that scope enrichment has a lower precedence than other infix operators. Tim
Corrected the Object-Z grammar so that any expression can be used as the LHS of an operation promotion. Tim
Change some rules to improve memory usage for LALR(1) grammar. Tim

Release 0.4 – September 2, 2005

Type Changes By
Create operation names from OPNAME symbols using createDeclName(Decorword), so that the strokes are correctly added. Tim
Add parse support for Z pattern and rule language. Tim
Lots of improvements to the Object-Z and TCOZ parser. Tim
Improve error messages provided by the parser. Petra
Allow parsing of empty schema texts. Tim
Fix the Unicode scanner to return stroke tokens instead of a DECORWORD token when, after separation of trailing subscript digits, the WORD part of the DECORWORD becomes empty. Petra
Fix the parsing of complex applications to schemas. Tim
Fix the parsing of theta expressions (decorations were being added in reverse order). Tim
Fix the Unicode printer to print a GENSCH token (instead of a SCH token) when a generic schema definition is printed. Petra
Change the parser grammer to not accept (optional) formal parameters after a SCH token. Tim
Fix the parser to parse "id? : VID" correctly. Tim

Release 0.3 – March 17, 2005

Type Changes By
Add support for unicode supplementary characters as it is used by finset and arithmos. Petra
Add a first working version of a section manager (see package net.sourceforge.czt.session) that caches information about Z sections like AST, operator table, etc. Petra
Add support for multiple error messages provided by the parser: The parser now does not throw an exception immediately when an error has been found but tries to recover to collect more error messages. Petra
Add a check to the Parser that tests Z NAMES whether the wordglue charactes SE, SW, NE, NW match and occur only in nested pairs. Petra
Add a check to the Latex to Unicode converter that tests whether \begin and \end command match. Petra
Add some more test cases. Petra
Lots of improvements to the Object-Z parser. Tim
Fix the Latex to Unicode converter to allow braces in schema names. Now, "\begin{schema}{S_{1}}" will be converted correctly. Petra
Fix the SmartScanner so that operator words in declaration lists can now be parsed. Petra
Implement lookahead to resolve ambiguity between generic instantiation expression and function application with a schema as an argument (see also Z Standard, Note 4 in section 8.4 on page 38). Tim
Fix a bug in the parser so that set comprehension can now be parsed. Tim
Fix the LatexParser to provide an error message instead of throwing a NullPointerException when the AST is not available. Petra
Improve error messages provided by the parser. Petra

Release 0.2 – September 22, 2004

Type Changes By
Implement a visitor that annotates an AST indicating where braces are needed to enforce the given priority. This is used by printers that walk over an AST and print one of the markup languages. Petra
Add LocAnn to (AST) terms created in the parser so that other tools can identify the position of the term. Petra
Parse latex markup directives (%%Zchar etc.) and add it into the AST. Petra
Allow soft newlines after generic parameters. Tim
Set mixfix in MemPred to false for a membership application in a chain relation. Tim
Fix the Object Z parser so that it can parse the first simple Object Z examples. Petra
Fix the CztReader to handle EOF correctly. This closes bug #992029. Petra
Fix the parser and precedence handling visitor so that the precedence of Cartesian product is handled correctly. Tim
Modify parser grammar to allow newlines and semicolon within parenthesied predicates. Mark
Improve the operator table so that the rules from Section 8.3 of the Z standard are followed. This includes checks that a whole operator name is never defined more than once, that operators with the same precedence also have the same associativity, etc. Petra
Improve error messages in case a parse error occured (compute correct line and column number). Petra
Fix the computation of the name of a prefix function like, for instance, cardinality. Now, the parser does not add a leading space to the name of a prefix functions any more. This closes bug #937623. Mark, Petra
Write XML files using UTF-8 encoding instead of using the locale encoding. Now the files written when using the command line tools zed2zml and ozed2zml with the -out argument are in UTF-8. Petra

Release 0.1 – April 8, 2004

Type Changes By
Initial Release. Tim, Petra

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