The CZT interface to Z/EVES theorem prover provides a bi-directional link to the Z/EVES prover process via CZT.

The project provides a CZT abstraction layer to communicate with Z/EVES process. The actual communication is socket-based and uses Z/EVES XML API to send and receive messages. This project provides the communications library and can support different UIs to drive the Z/EVES prover.


Some of the features provided by CZT to Z/EVES interface:

  • Start, stop and otherwise control Z/EVES process.
  • Receive messages from Z/EVES prover and read them to CZT ASTs using Z/EVES dialect.
  • Send commands to Z/EVES prover (translate CZT ASTs to Z/EVES XML).
  • Query Z/EVES prover state.
  • CZT representation of Z/EVES prover state.
  • Support for custom Z/EVES tactics using existing tactic commands.

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Version: 1.6-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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