Community Z Tools provides a prover IDE to use with Z/EVES theorem prover. To start proving, you need to select and launch a Z/EVES application. CZT allows multiple such launch configurations to be set up.

The launch configurations can be managed by selecting Run > External Tools > External Tools Configurations… or the corresponding toolbar drop-down button External tools launch:

Launch configurations toolbar button

Note: the toolbar and menu items afterwards allow quickly launching the last Z/EVES configuration again.

Select Z/EVES application

When configuring Z/EVES to launch, you need to indicate where the Z/EVES executable is located and its working directory. When launched, Z/EVES prover will be started and linked with CZT IDE.

Z/EVES launch configuration

  1. Select Z/EVES launch type on the left of the dialog.
  2. Either double-click the selected type or use New button to create a new launch configuration (screenshot above).
  3. Select Z/EVES executable in the first field:

    • Windows: Use <zeves>/system/z-eves-pc-windows-lispworks.exe
    • Linux: Use <zeves>/system/ or equivalent
    • Mac OS X: Use some script that starts Wine with the Windows version of Z/EVES
  4. Select Working directory to point to Z/EVES installation directory.
  5. (Optional) You can also change a communications port to use with the Z/EVES prover in Port, e.g. if it clashes with some other application.
  6. Click Run to launch Z/EVES process.

Launch Z/EVES

The launch progress is displayed in the bottom-right corner. You can verify whether Z/EVES has been launched successfully in the Z/EVES view (refresh Refresh it if needed).

Z/EVES prover status - Z/EVES view

If the connection to Z/EVES fails, a dialog will open with notification. Note that it may take some time to start Z/EVES on Mac OS X, so you can choose to Retry there.

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Version: 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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