The ZCharMap plugin displays a dockable window listing important Z characters and Z constructs. The plugin currently supports two markup formats for Z: the LaTeX markup and the Unicode markup.

CZT ZCharMap palette for jEdit


You can simply click on a Z character or construct to insert it into your current buffer. The top line (“Paragraphs”) inserts complete Z paragraphs, with uppercase placeholders for the parts that you should fill in, while most of the other constructs insert just one Z symbol or operator. For example, clicking on “Sch[]”, with LaTeX markup selected, will insert a generic schema construct, like this:

\begin{schema}{NAME}[ TYPE ]

You should replace NAME by the name of your schema, TYPE by the generic type parameter(s), DECLS by a sequence of declarations and PREDS by a sequence of predicates.


  • To write the name of a primed variable, like x', use the ' character from the “Schemas” line of the ZCharMap plugin. (In LaTeX, this just inserts the normal ASCII prime character, but in Unicode it inserts a special prime symbol. To prime a schema or expression, you must put a space in between the schema name and the prime. This space must be a normal space character in Unicode markup, but a special spacing command like tilde (~) in LaTeX markup.
  • In LaTeX markup, you must write underscores as \_, newlines as \\ and spaces as ~. In Unicode markup these can just be written as normal ASCII characters.

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Version: 1.6-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-04-09.

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